Vaginal Rejuvenation Chicago

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Femilift for Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation with CO2 laser repairs the vagina without using hormones. It cures vaginal dryness, vaginal pain, urinary incontinence, urinary urgency and frequency, low libido due to sexual dissatisfaction and more.

Our Vaginal Rejuvenation treatment in Chicago is the best vaginal laser treatment because of the Femilift laser technology. With the help of Femilift CO2 laser, vaginal tone is restored, pH balance is restored, newer, younger tissue is restored to the vagina with new nerve endings which increase sexual sensation and vaginal orgasms. It leads to better intimacy and removes vaginal and/or bladder problems.

Femilift corrects vaginal irregularities through resurfacing. The body repairs the vagina allowing new, younger tissue, it brings collagen to the tissue which corrects vagina looseness and tightens the vagina. It  revitalizes the tissue and reverses what time, childbearing and aging has done to the vagina.

Throughout the aging process our facial skin loses its vitality, wrinkles appear, and elasticity is reduced due to collagen fibers fatigue. This is why so many women around the world take cosmetic steps such as facials, innovative creams, and aesthetic procedures to reverse this process. The same process occurs in the vaginal tissue where collagen fibers lose their elasticity as we give birth and we get older. Due to structural changes in the vagina and urethra, the loss of collagen fibers’ firmness occurs and this phenomenon can cause reduction in sexual fulfillment in addition to weakening of the pelvic floor which then causes stress urinary incontinence at different severity levels.

In addition, breastfeeding, certain medications (such as chemotherapy or anti-estrogen medications) can cause loss of lubrication within the vagina. This can lead to vaginal dryness, further leading to painful intercourse, recurrent vaginal infections, recurrent bladder infections, overactive bladder, etc.

How Does Femilift CO2 Laser Work
The laser uses gentle, non-invasive energy to repair the vaginal tissue as well as stimulate collagen growth. This leads to increased lubrication, improved vaginal tone which lifts up the bladder, leading to improved bladder control.

It's a short procedure, lasts between 5-10 minutes, that allows you to resume your daily activities. All you need are a series of 3 treatments to see significant results, and most of our patients notice the difference after the first treatment.

Femilift CO2 laser has revolutionized the way we think about vaginal rejuvenation. If you are searching for vaginal rejuvenation near me in Chicago, then Dardur Medical is the best place to go.

Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation
1. Improved vaginal tone and elasticity
2. Improved vaginal lubrication - no more vaginal dryness 
3. Improved Bladder control - no more incontinence or urgency
4. Enhanced intimacy and connection with your partner
5. Revitalize your sex drive and bring back your desire
6. Better Vaginal pH balance - no more recurrent vaginal infections
7. Non-Surgical - no down time
8. Immediate Relief from Vaginal Burning, Dryness, or Pain

Women consider vaginal resurfacing for many reasons, but these are most often cited:

Vaginal issues caused by childbirth - looseness and loss of tone
Vaginal dryness - leading to painful intercourse
Involuntary leakage of urine with sneezing or coughing
Urinary Urgency or Frequency
Loss of sensation during sex (Sexual dissatisfaction)
Recurrent bladder infections
Recurrent vaginal infections

Femilift FAQ

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